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Looking at the world through the eyes of an artist.

Welcome to the Color Vision Art Studio home page!
Color Vision offers group and individual classes for children and adults of all levels. In our courses we focus on the discipline of the classical Russian art studies as well as the development of the inherent creativity that each aspiring artist possesses. Adult classes require at least 3 students to start.
Currently, we offer the following courses for the young artists:

Art Beginnings
This course is designed for the very beginners in the world of art. We will cover the basics of mixing paint and using the brush, the difference between warm and cool colors, the background and the foreground, and many other fundamental tools to start off the young artist on an incredible journey of discovery.
Each student produces a colorful painting at the end of each class.

Intermediate Painting
Prerequisite: Art Beginnings, examples of work required otherwise
Students will concentrate on developing their individual style, while strengthening the skills acquired in Art Beginnings. We will learn new painting techniques and new ways to express ourselves. Projects normally require more than one day to complete and allow each student to create their own unique artistic vision.

Salty Toys
This course develops discipline, creativity and fine motor skills of the very young artist but would be fun for an experienced modeler as well. Relieves are created out of salty dough (non-toxic, easy to clean up) and than painted in bright colors and baked by the teacher. Short fun assignments help children stay focused.





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