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Russian Language

Detailed Course Descriptions:
1) Level I-a (16 hours of instruction)
2) Russian language. Ages 8-13 (30 hours of instruction)

General Overview

Goals of the class:
- Learning the alphabet
- Learning to read by syllables
- Writing exercises
- Speech development
- Russian children's literature
- Mental activities, memory and fine motor skills development.
- Increasing vocabulary
- Memorization of Russian poetry

Notes: Class instruction will include audio-recorded material. The students will receive homework assignments weekly. Parent participation is strongly recommended.

What is it that our children can do all day without getting tired? "Play, of course," – you'd say and you would be right. Children discover the world through play. That is why it is so important to steer the energy of the little one in the right direction and plan the educational activities accordingly.

Play is what our Russian language program is based on, as the most effective way of teaching children 3 to 6. Our motto: "Children shall not be bored during the class!" It is the reason why we offer so many games and exercises for your child to participate in. Of course, it is possible to memorize the letters of the alphabet by staring at the pages of "Bukvar" and, following the teacher, pronounce mysterious sounds. But how much more exciting and effective studying would be if the child would also construct the letter, and could touch it, smell it, and sometimes, even eat it! Wouldn't the subject matter of the class be much better understood during role-playing, when someone could pretend to be the adorable "vseznaika-Znaika" or just as lovable, but still learning "Neznaika"? And it is so much fun to play with soap bubbles (milnimi puziryami), that start with a letter "P"!

Our Russian language curriculum not only covers studying the alphabet and learning how to read. The focus of our classes is very broad. We pay attention to the development of the little hands and getting them acquainted with writing – "Veselie propisi". We concentrate on the correct development of language skills: speech pathology exercises and games, skorogovorki. We spend time to make sure that our children will learn by heart the poetry of the famous Russians. We make sure that they can tell a story with a beginning and an end: "Describe a picture", role-playing. We try to expand your child's vocabulary: who is "chumazi", who is "bogatir"? And what epithets to use to describe mommy?

Russian language course that the School for Creative Learning offers is an exciting journey into the world of Russian language and literature. Creativity and talent of our teachers is the foundation of the successful development of your little one. Come on in! We are always happy to see you.

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