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Russian Self Defense Classes
Most powerful and effective style of self-defense

Recommended Age: 15 to 80
Instructor: George Pogacich

Background Information: The Russian Martial Art, or "Systema," is an effective and versatile style of of self-defense that can be utilized by people of all ages for personal protection. It is inherently different from other styles, as the principles taught in Systema are very practical and applicable to many various situations. In this style, the student learns the correct survival mindset and the necessary techniques against all kinds of opponents, with and without additional weapons (knives, guns, etc.)

The Three Knights "Tri Bogatyra"Important Concepts: Sensitivity and response potential are the most important founding concepts of this style. The students must first learn to relax and face their opponents without fear or tension, freeing the body for more fluid and efficient movements. Economy of motion is also of vital importance to Systema students. Less movement allows for less energy wasted, and faster reaction time. Fine motor skills are an important part of training.

Our goals: To develop self-confidence and understanding of the style in students. To give the students the ability to perform under pressure and effectively counter all armed and unarmed opponents, survive against multiple attackers, among others. To develop the ability to mentally adapt to a variety of potentially threatening situations, and improve physical as well as psychological stamina. Problem solving skills are also improved with Systema training.

We are happy to introduce George Pogacich, Systema Russian Martial Art Instructor. Systema is a highly effective martial art, used by the Russian Special Forces. Unlike many other forms of self-defense, Systema can be used in a real life-or-death situation, for it is not just a collection of good-looking moves, but a system of concepts that let you control your body in such a way as to defend yourself against most armed and unarmed attacks. On a physical and psychological level, Systema teaches you how to protect yourself from many threats, ranging from bar fights to knife fighting techniques. Russian Warrior Martial Art - George Pogacich Website.

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