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Yelena Gonopolskaya
Professional Industrial Designer
Art Teacher

All Kids Are Talented!

The famous saying "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" inspired me to take a non-academically approach to teaching my class. While the students are learning many skills necessary for artistic expression, the objective of the class is not to make your child a professional painter. My goal is to develop children's imagination and ability to communicate in more ways than one. I believe that creativity is one of the most important character traits that art education can develop. No matter whom your son or daughter decides to be in life, the ability to think of and articulate unorthodox solutions will inevitably lead to a successful career.

While all of the class assignments provide opportunities for individual interpretation, understanding art fundamentals is strongly emphasized. The class curriculum outlines specific exercises to ensure that children are aware of such basic principles of art as line, shape, color, tone, texture, pattern, volume and their presence in the world around us. We will spend at least three classes on each concept, and each lesson will build on the previous one.

This class goes beyond the traditional development of artistic skills. I use music in my class; I introduce various materials and media. In the nearest future I plan to establish regular critiques of the work done in class by the students themselves and I. In addition, as part of the overall school curriculum, there will be scheduled field trips to the Detroit Institute of Art, Cranbrook Art and Science Museums as well as contemporary art exhibits around town.



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